Dienstag, März 16, 2010

Water Tribe!

Which Avatar: the Last Airbender Nation do you best fit into?
Your Result: The Water Tribe

Congratulations! You are a member of the Water Tribe! The people of the Water Tribe pride themselves on being loving, kindhearted, and authentic. They want their lives to be self-actualized and have meaning. They strive to be genuine and to be in harmony with the inner experiences of self. They try to avoid a life of bad faith and to live a life of significance, making a difference in the world. They want to help others become kinder, warmer, and more loving human beings. They seek to reform the world and to romanticize their experiences and lives, and also the experiences and lives of others.

At their best they are altruistic, benevolent, conscientious, empathic, enthusiastic, ethical, even-tempered, genuine, idealistic, inspired, intuitive, loyal, persistent, reliable, respectful, self-sacrificing, sensitive, sincere, sympathetic, thoughtful, understanding, visionaries, and well-organized. At their worst they can be credulous, critical, depressed, detached, difficult, exacting, guilt prone, hard to please, indecisive, inflexible, judgmental, moody, moralistic, negative, perfectionists, picky, resentful, self-righteous, stuffy, suspicious, touchy, unforgiving, and unrealistic.

The Fire Nation
The Air Nomads
The Earth Kingdom
Which Avatar: the Last Airbender Nation do you best fit into?
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